Monthly Archives: October 2011

5 Warning Signs of Cultural Decay

EDIT (7/12/2012) – The closing quote I use is merely commonly attributed to Edward Gibbon, but is not, in fact, proven have originated with him. Our country is in crisis mode. Take a look at the latest headlines or flip on nearest TV. It’s all over. We suffering from a staggering lack of leadership. In […]

6 Ways to Keep the Dream Alive

Dreaming is one of the most vital behaviors of any leader. As I (with the help of Carl Sandburg) discussed last week, nothing happens without first having a dream. The second half of that is that birthing a dream is always followed by struggles. The question invariably becomes how do you keep yourself on track […]

Where are all the leaders?

Why are there so few leaders in this country? The fast answer is because it’s easier not to be a leader than to be one. We inherently all want to choose the path of least resistance. Our lives are challenging and hectic enough without trying to throw something like “intentional personal growth” into the mix. […]